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  • What does GPRTrue stand for?
    GPRTrue is shorthand for God's Promises Are True. When we started developing logo concepts, we found that spelling out "God's Promises Are True" in a logo made the logo too large. We want Scripture to be the main focus of all of our products, so we shortened the name of the business to GPRTrue to help us create a more compact logo. The resulting logo featuring a "G" for God is as follows: The logo is featured on many of our products so people know where to find more of God’s promises. We have also filed a DBA (Doing Business As) for GPRTrue to avoid confusion with customers. Rest assured, we prefer to spell out "God's Promises Are True" wherever possible. We simply prefer to give Scripture center stage on our products.
  • Why aren't there passages from every single book in the Bible?
    We want the whole world to know every promise that God has shared with us in His Word. The sharing options that we provide, however, are not always suitable for passages which need context that, if added, would make the print too small to read. We are constantly adding new Scripture verses for our sharing options. Ultimately, our hope is that the truths that we are able to share on our products will lead people to read the entire Bible. Please be patient if you are looking for a specific passage and have requested it via our website form. Significant effort is required to convert each passage to product designs and to display the product options on our website. To date, the passages we’ve chosen are primarily from our “Bible in One Year” reading plan. Several months into the reading plan we started capturing passages for this project, therefore some of the passages in the earlier part of the reading plan are not currently featured. As we continue our reading plan we will continuously be adding new passages. Remember, the ultimate purpose of this ministry is to encourage others to immerse themselves into a deeper understanding of God's Word so that they can develop a meaningful relationship with our loving God. Short passages on T-Shirts and mugs are simply a means of initiating that journey for people that we may encounter in our daily lives.
  • What version of the Bible do you use for passages?
    We use the New International Version (NIV) as the basis of most of our Scripture passages. This is the version we have read during the past two decades. We believe the NIV language is easily understood by most of the general public. Because our primary goal is to share God's Word with the public, ease of comprehension is an important consideration. Occasionally New King James Version (NKJV) is used when that translation can be readily understood. Whether NIV or NKJV versions are used, we are committed to ensuring that any reference to God features capitalized letters to denote proper reverence for our Creator.
  • Prompted for Login Credentials
    To make life easier for you, provides you the ability to setup an account for future orders and to review past orders. When setting up an account you may find yourself prompted with the following pop-up providing you with three methods for account authentication. To access your account use your: 1) Google account credentials 2) Facebook account credentials 3) Email address and a distinct password. This is our recommended approach. Please know you are not required to create an account with us. If you wish to not setup an account, simply click the "X" in the upper right corner of your browser and continue browsing our site. Please understand that you are not required to create an account with us. If you do not want to setup an account, simply click the "X" in the upper right corner of your browser and continue browsing our site.
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